Welcome to the GMU Language Documentation Lab! The goals of the Lab are to provide hands-on training for GMU students in the fields of language documentation and revitalization; to work towards the documentation and revitalization of under-documented and endangered languages; and to research and contribute to best practices in these fields.

The Lab is led by Sylvia Schreiner (Assistant Professor, Linguistics Program, Department of English). Lab members include several graduate faculty assistants and undergraduate research assistants, as well as a number of volunteers from GMU and the wider community. See our Lab Affiliates page for some of their bios! Take a look around to learn more about language documentation and the Yupik project.

The Language Documentation Lab has recording equipment (solid state audio recorders, a video recorder, headset and lapel microphones, headsets, and weatherproof field cases) available for use in language documentation and description projects, as well as a number of computers for lab member use.