Yupik Project

The lab’s current major undertaking is a project on St. Lawrence Island Yupik. We are working to better document the language, provide training and support for community members to accomplish their language revitalization goals, build computer tools for those who speak and do research on the language, and digitize existing resources in and about Yupik. Learn more about the project in Project Overview, about the main location of our fieldwork in St. Lawrence Island, and about Yupik itself in Yupik Language. Literature on Yupik, tools we’ve already created, and more is available in Project Documentation and Publications, and links to more information online can be found in Yupik Resources.

The project got a bit of publicity here (and here and here) on the Mason site and the project is featured in the spring 2019 issue of Mason’s English Department alumni magazine English Matters as well as the summer 2019 issue of Mason’s magazine Spirit (read the article here). It was also featured in the August 2021 newsletter of the NSF Navigating the New Arctic Community Office (NNA-CO).

Recently, Dr. Sylvia Schreiner was awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER grant to support and expand work on St. Lawrence Island Yupik (read the article here).